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Tote Life Spindle Storage Stand

Tote Life Spindle Storage Stand

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****Assembly required. Tote not included. Spindles are shown for demonstration purposes only. THIS ITEM SHIPS ALONE. If you have any questions or concerns about how this product will be shipped please contact us.

Protect your spindles in style with this stand specifically designed for the Hefty Hi-Rise 32 qt Slim Clear Plastic Storage Bin. This allows your spindles to be stored perfectly upright and protected from the elements.

About the storage stand: Cut from high quality 1/8" Baltic birch ply, this stand can hold up to 25 spindles, depending on the size of the whorl. Holes on the bottom of the stand allows thicker spindles, or spindles with cops, to be stored as well. Handles on the side allows the entire unit to be lifted out of the tote for easy access. If you need to store thinner spindles, like pocket Russians, you may need adapters which you can find here.

****The stand ships flat and must be assembled and glued prior to use. Use a high quality wood glue, and keep the pieces under pressure (for instance with elastic bands) while the glue dries.

The stand comes unfinished so you can apply whatever stain or oil or other embellishment you prefer. However, PLEASE wait until after assembly to do so, otherwise the wood may swell to the point where the pieces no longer fit together.  

About the tote: The Hefty Hi-Rise 32 qt Slim Clear Plastic Storage Bin measures 12.0 Inches (L) x 16.85 Inches (W) x 14.24 Inches (H). You can find this tote at Target.  The product UPC is  025947712106.

The spindle storage stand may fit in other totes with similar dimensions, but we make no guarantee. No, we are not getting a kickback from Hefty. We picked this tote because the overall shape and size seemed appropriate for well-protected spindle storage. Plus, it is stackable ... just in case you have more than 25 spindles, or spindles with larger whorls and need more than one tote.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: While this item does pack flat for shipping, the dimensions require that it be shipped separately from most other items so we will be unable to combine shipping.

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