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The Spanish Peacock

Tinkle Loom

Tinkle Loom

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This portable lap loom is designed to be held between the knees while weaving. The small size makes it perfect for trying out designs! Overall the loom measures 10.5" tall by 7.5" wide at its widest point.

The removable pegs allow for a variety of warp lengths, up to 36 inches. The tinkle loom is warped just like a regular loom; alternatively, it can be warped for tablet weaving using our small wood cards.

Hint: leave one removable peg unwarped, so you can use it to increase tension while weaving. Price includes a shuttle and four pegs (warp averages 22 inches). For additional pegs, use a 5/16" oak dowel from a hardware store.

Learn how to warp the tinkle loom here.

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