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The Spanish Peacock

Solo Spindle Storage Stand—Pocket Edition

Solo Spindle Storage Stand—Pocket Edition

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There can be only one! Spindle that you spin at a given time, that is.

The "Solo" spindle storage stand is the solution for where to put your currently active spindle when it's time to take a well deserved break from spinning. This version is pocket-sized to help protect spindles with a shaft length at least 7.5" tall.

The spindle storage stand measures 8" tall by 5.5" wide by 3.5" deep. The compact design allows your active spindle to be kept close by, wherever you may chose to spin. Additionally, the base of the stand features small holes so you can also store supported spindles with a cop safely upright.

The stand packs flat for shipping or storage. You can watch how to assemble the stand here. Note that the pieces should not be flexed in any way other than what is shown in the video or you may cause damage.

The stand can be taken apart as well, but we do not recommended doing this too often because the plywood may split after repeated pressure.

The Spanish Peacock spindle storage stand comes unfinished so you can stain, paint or otherwise embellish it to meet your needs. However, PLEASE wait until after assembly to do so, otherwise the wood may swell to the point where the pieces no longer fit together.

PLEASE NOTE: The spindles in the photos are for demonstration purposes only, and not included with the spindle storage stand. I mean, you probably already knew that but the lawyers made me add this disclaimer anyway.

If you have smaller diameter spindles, like Spanish Peacock pocket Russians, you may also wish to purchase these adapters to allow them to fit in the stand as well.

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