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Small Tapestry Frame Loom - BETA RELEASE

Small Tapestry Frame Loom - BETA RELEASE

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Please note, this is a BETA release of the product! This is a limited release of a working prototype, and the final version may be different from this item.

Size: This untensioned frame loom is the perfect size for tapestry weaving on the go. At 9" tall by 8" wide, the loom slips easily into most project tote bags. The loom features eight pegs per inch. The pegs provide 5" width for warp, while the internal weaving space is a roomy 6" wide, leaving space to grasp the frame while weaving. The 7" tall internal weaving space allows for a 5" tall recommended piece size, depending on headers, knots, and finishing techniques. 

Tools: In addition to the frame, this kit includes a heddle bar, shed stick, four weaving needles, a tapestry beater, and three shuttles. 

Materials: The frame loom and tools are made from sturdy 1/8" Baltic birch ply. 

Note: Instructions are unavailable at this time. Please only purchase this product if you already know how to tapestry weave, or have other resources to learn.

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