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Fossil Fibers

Goth Barbie - 2 oz 85/15 Polwarth/Silk

Goth Barbie - 2 oz 85/15 Polwarth/Silk

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Exclusive colorway from Fossil Fibers to coordinate with Spanish Peacock hot pink Spectraply birch spindles and bowls! The hot pink pops of color in this fiber even glow under UV light, just like Spanish Peacock "Rave" spindles.

**Please note that no amount of photography skill can capture just how eye-searing intense the shade of pink is in real life.

Weight: 2 oz/56 g
Materials: 85/15 Polwarth and Silk

Note: Because these are hand dyed fibers, individual variations will exist between braids.

The fibers are dyed with high quality acid dyes and rinsed clear, but you may experience some color bleed on the first hand wash as is normal. We also do our best to represent accurate color in our photographs, but all monitors are calibrated differently and may alter that.

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